Running an After Effects Extendscript JSX file directly from Geany.

I’m not a fan of the Adobe ExtendScript IDE, its great and all, and I love to be able to use it to create custom tools for my (mostly) After Effects projects, but I’d much rather like Geany for writing code, and I’ve been for a Long time trying to be able to run my script files right from within Geany, and today I found something that led me to do that.

This is the link that pointed me in the right direction:
Thanks ! Klustre.

the command that actually got my results was this:

osascript <<-AS
tell application "Adobe After Effects CC 2017"
DoScriptFile "%p/%f" with override
end tell

Now, it’d be even greater if I could receive the debugger input into Geany directly … One can dream…

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