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Directed by: Alberto Hadyar

3D Artists: Jorge Vásquez, Miguel Monteagudo, Chaz Waters
Animation: Jorge Vásquez, Miguel Monteagudo, Chaz Waters
Compositing: Chaz Waters

Editing: Otto Scheuren
Original Music: PulseSetter Music

MAkinÉ Studios.

I wanted to share some of the process

I worked in this piece for the Studio I’ve been working on: MAkinÉ Studios and I used Blender for a variety of things, but most of all:
Generating the 3d elements for the bomb scene, and the chase scenes, Shading those elements, rigging them (the bird and the fish) and animating them. The fish is an adaptation of a model we had fro a previous project and the bird I modeled from scratch.For both characters I rigged, lighted and animated them, all in blender. The compositing was done afterwards in After Effects by the amazing Chaz Waters.

We all worked at it for a long time, in our little spare time, between real commercial studio projects. It was really fun to work on it, and we’re already planning the next one ;).

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