MAkinÉ Studios – ID 23

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Directed by: Alberto Hadyar

3D Artists: Jorge Vásquez, Miguel Monteagudo, Chaz Waters
Animation: Jorge Vásquez, Miguel Monteagudo, Chaz Waters
Compositing: Chaz Waters

Editing: Otto Scheuren
Original Music: PulseSetter Music

MAkinÉ Studios.

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Disney Channel – Holiday Package

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This was a fun project I worekd at MAkinE Studios, creating a very different holiday pacakge for the Disney Channel 2016 Holiday on-air image. My role in this one was some odeling (about half of the letters of the custom 3d typography) and some animation.

It was lots os fun.

Disney Channel – Elena of Avalor on-air graphics package

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MAkinE Studios project I was fortunate to work on. As a studio with a strong latin influence we were a perfect fit for this project in which Disney Channel was trying to define the on-air image with which to present its newest creation: “Elena of Avalor” thd newest disney princes with a latin flavor.
I wore many hats in the development of this one. I did some initial approaches style frames, modeled & animated some assets, the main logos among them animated a couple of pieces y textured, lit, shaded and animated the main 2 logos.
It was lots of fun, and I was really happy with the finals results.

Toky & Poky

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I was able to collaborate on this series pilot for a cartoon for a kids channel in México. I did all the modeling rigging, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering on this one.
It was very fun to work on cute cartoon like characters. I also started helping with modeling props for the whole show, when it got picked up, but internal struggles within the company I was collaborating with and the client, eventually brought the whole project down, it was very sad, it had a lot of promise. Maybe one day…

These were the turntables for both the main characters.